Tuesday, December 7, 2010

.en ter tain ment.

who doesn't love to watch movie. i love! i love to read. i also love to watch :) especially a good movies, good tv series, good channel like TLC!

after long hours of working, me and button will have our tv series or even movie night time at home with pizza! i discovered this awesome series of the modern sherlock holmes from my friend's facebook. he posted the trailer and i told button about it and we watched it together. i also love the traditional jeremy brett sherlock. in my opinion, those are way better than sherlock holmes movie. forgive me, i also love robert downey jr and jude law. who doesn't? they are fun and good actors. but for this, i love jeremy brett's and benedict cumberbatch's series more than the movie. yes, i never read the book before. i told my friend i was planning to get a sherlock holmes novel right after watching the movie. but my friend recommended me jeremy brett's series instead. coz he doubt i can understand the novel :p which is he kinda made a point there. and now there is another benedict cumberbatch series. well, i want more of sherlock series and so as the walking dead! i want more! i have been watching dexter and fringe as well. i wasn't a dexter nor walking dead kind of fans before. i hate to watch gory and gross movies or series. i couldn't stand it. but since button is there watching with me. i am not that afraid =D and yes, i love those series! not to forget ugly betty, how i met your mother and gossip girl. they are always be my fave (eventho i stopped watching gossip girl at the mid season 2 but i kinda miss them now so i continue watching them again now but started from season4. i just love all the pretty clothes, gorgeous blake and leighton!)

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