Monday, December 13, 2010

.bl o ood.

i always wanted to donate my blood, yeah eventho mr. and mrs. needle aren't my good friend. i hate needles, i afraid of them and i always came out with teary eyes whenever i got injection. super hate that tiny little thing. saturday night, i went to orchard with button and people were passing around blood donation flyer. i was like. i want it! i really want to donate my blood, i told button. until he wakes me up with the question about the needle. i was like. huh? -.-" i totally forget about that little thing. i just simply forget about the needle for some reason. yeah, what was i thinking. how the blood will coming out if not thru injection. silly me. but that doesn't matter coz there is people out there who needs it. so i have to bear that! and yeah this is christmas season. we have to give~ i was going to donate the next day. but sadly, noone accompany me to go there so that i could pressed their hand so hard and besides i wasn't feeling well up until now. i have cough and flu. i don't want to pass my virus instead. but i assure you! next time i am!i promise! this is one of my bucket list (that's what button called it).


Kristin Hjellegjerde said...

Good girl! I wish I had blood to donate!!

.happisis. said...

yeah! i will after i am all in a better condition =D

huh? why not?