Tuesday, December 28, 2010

.be merry like strawberry.

hey, guys! so, how is your christmas doing? i missed the christmas countdown -.-". i'll make a proper countdown next year. apart of that, i had a nice time with my classmates from 3dsense. we have this small christmas party at mayo inn. it was mike's treat. so kind of him! hehe. we had lots of foods and sweets and presents everywhere =D. but i went off half way. wish i could have just stay longer. i got to thank my friends for the nice christmas present!

.cool video recorder from heny and sandy.

. cute bear next to button from davin and cute white bunny from andrea.

.pinnochio from zhi hao.

but what's best is my mom, dad, sist and grandma are here now!!

.mom and dad.

.dad , sists and granma.

.mom and dad.

.me and sist.
.sist and sist.
.mom and me.
and i've been trying to finished kazuo ishiguro before i go for the movie in jan!! =)

happi holiday, guys!



Cindy Tantarica said...

u must be having fun with lovely family there,ci! havvv fun! :D

.happisis. said...

hahahaha yeah =D you too, have a nice holiday in indo =) with all indos delicious foodS!!