Saturday, November 13, 2010

.messy messy me.

i feel so messed up these whole week. i couldn't finish fixing my portfolio, have dateline for the design work, my design sucks! my body has been weak for this whole week and i have personal prob with my friend. i just feel this world doesn't like me anymore. Lord, is it because i didn't attend the church services =( i am sorry. but i know you wouldn't be so cruel. forgive me to be a bad daughter of yours.... i am longing for your words and love Daddy. i feel lonely. i feel cold and sad. i don't like this feeling. i feel confuse and i need You to hold my hand again and walk me to the right path. ='(


Cindy Tantarica said...

Get well soon cici. and i think , Daddy Jesus is processing you. I believe, everything shall be better by His time. :) :) cheers cheers. and i love those prada's collection. cuteeee! :D

.happisis. said...

thanks, cin =) *hug ahhahaha yeah they are so cute!!! if only i have lotsa blink blink i'll give you one. ;p