Monday, November 29, 2010

.ins ta gram oh i lo ve yo u.

snowy globe from papa
mega mind my hero!
bat girl christmas gift from dierdre chama
sylvanian's family bday gift from lisa
lego santa


as i said before, i am no technology friends. i never use hi-tech phone before, my family, my friends were always make fun of that. but this year! i've been using this 2 hi tech phone ehehhe. when i went back to indonesia early this year, my dad notice my phone and he was saying that since i am going to work soon, why don't i get a nicer looking phone. bleh, i never really think about that before. if only i want a nice phone, i want it to be iphone! i love apple! love the simple and chic design of their products!

my friends keep on bugging me about buying this blackberry so that we all can chat together. but what to say? i don't really like it. then, came that day.. the day that my dad notice my little pink l'amour phone, he decided to buy me one new blackberry phone. right after our nice dinner, we went to buy that blackberry.. and that was my first hi-tech phone ever! but i feel like i am cheating... i still want iphone if i ever get a hi-tech phone -.-" but i couldn't break my dad's feeling. yeah, never broke my dad feeling if he is going to buy us stuff.. or he will turns grumpy. hahaha he is cute, isn't he? yeah, that's my dad.

after few months, thanks to my other little sister who wanted blackberry as well! i gave her mine! and i can get iphone for my self. so, i've been using this phone for months! and never really aware about the app. until i found this nice app called instagram. oh my! i love it. =p i keep on taking picture of things and tweak the colors and oh how much i love it. now i have instagram and now i am starting to use tumblr as well! ah, i just love them. i wish to have a nice camera... but i think that can wait... and i am going to playing with my lomo toys again!! thanks to instagram! =p

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