Friday, October 1, 2010

. i want .

sketch by me

iwant to...
travelling alone, exploring new stuff and culture
slash my laziness
finished my animation
sewing a doll
printed out my design
working at animation studio
be a children book illustrator
attend paris, london, milan fashion week
own mcqueen piece
happily enjoying nama champagne choco from royce
happily enjoying few bars of dark choco
cook nigella's recipes
bake rachel allen cake
have colorful set of marker and learn how to use it properly
do water color painting
have rubber stamps collection

i want alot of things but i never ever can fulfill not one of them.


Cindy Tantarica said...

lemme try the nigella's recipe :D

.happisis. said...

aaahh~ me too. may be one of these days. just purchased the app from iphone and i am loving it alr. go and borrow nigella express from nlb. =D