Monday, October 25, 2010

sophie black (isn't this just gorgeous?)

how are you people?? =D i wish you all the happiest and the best. i have a fun, great and lazy weekend. but today i feel extra happy. let me tell you something. i went to this talk "Good Drawer ≠ Good Commercial Illustrator – Being Artistic and Realistic" by Sokkuan. i am so glad that i went there last saturday. i knew this event from my friend.. well, not exactly like that. this event was posted on OIC site. i knew about OIC from my friend. i went to their site and i found this event. sounds interesting. coz i wish one day i can really be as good as those illustrator and i wanted to be children book illustrator. -.-" poor me my creativity and imaginary not that powerful like them so as my drawing. but i'll try harder. i have to! =)

oh yeah, i feel extra happy coz' sokkuan is a very nice artist. i asked her for some advices, talked to her in person after the talk... coz i wasn't dare to speak up and ask qs during the q & a session. =p forgive me. i have no guts i never have. hahaha. but i am happy that i talked to her. and she is being so kind and let me meet up with her face to face this saturday. how happy i am! do check out her works here. i love her sophie black character. i still remember i was admiring sophie black last few years when ION orchard wasn't open yet. i was wondering who is the artist that created sophie black. i totally love this character. and now i can see and talk to her in person. =D thank you, sokkuan =D can't wait until we meet again. *biting my nails

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