Wednesday, September 1, 2010

.someone who appreciates you.

cup breaks, mirror breaks, glass breaks, all those handmade broken... not to be missed... heart breaks as well. but who cares, you'll just cry for a night or two or may be three and you'll soon get over it. am i not right? i stumbled upon a blog and i found a quote from audrey hepburn

i want to share with you, hey! someone out there who is dealing with this problem right now, don't worry! everything's gonna be okay. so what if your heart breaks? you can still heal that wound, well.. not as easy as you flick your finger.. or fix a clock that ran out of battery. but i am sure you will someday! so cheer up, grab your coat or bag, put on your flats or nice heels. slam your front door and hang out with your friends! you still have a long journey to deal with. just be happy and you'll soon be merry~ *wink


Paustina Chou said...

boi ho se a??

.happisis. said...

ho se ho se koq cuma hari itu lagi emo =(