Sunday, September 5, 2010

.someday oneday.

hmmm last whole week, i was in a blue spirit condition =( i feel down... about my carrer, my job, my personal life, about all. i kept on saying i am useless and i always don't have confident and always compare myself to others. i know that is bad and i should try to avoid it. nah! i should never did that anymore. but yeah, it's hard. but from now on i'll work hard. coz i always been so lazy >.< and keep on complaining about my life. one day, someday! i'll have my own happisis line, i'll be a 3d character animator, i'll be able to draw well, my character design will be known especially for kids! i wish one day kids love my works and all my works will be appreciated by the people around me. (well, yeah actually all my friends and families appreciate them but i always thought that they were just being nice) hmmm one day, i'll make my parents proud of me! i'll make the one that i care so much proud of me and he'll be able to only turn to me. he always gave me encouragement and scold me when i was needed to be scold yeah! and i'll make my sisters proud of me. i'll make my friends proud of me. most importantly i'll make Daddy Jesus proud of me His child. =D

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