Monday, September 27, 2010

.hopelessly hopeless.

i am a hopeless animator -.-" i've been trying to make my new reel. of course hmm someone keep encourage me to do so. i am happy. i think i'm going to let him down =( i suppose to finished it by end of this month. but i couldn't... not because i am lazy but i think i really lack of a lot of things. kinda feel frustrated because of it. for the first time, i wanted to make it right. from the planning, sketching... all those poses and timing.. before i go to maya. hmm... tell you, i am not a very patient girl yeah... sometimes i tend to closed one eye and skipped the steps. that is bad... i think that's because i've planted "fast and speed" words in my mind. i learnt that while i was in my Visual Comm days. due to the deadline of the projects and lecturers keep on rejecting our concept and we have to execute the design... all takes time that's why we need to think and act fast. i guess that's why i always on time for the deadline. of course, i'll try not to minus the quality of the design =). that's why when i went to 3dsense... i could cope well. eventho i got lots of homework from school, i still can manage to finished it on time. hmmm but animation is different from graphic design. you cannot rush animation. you need a strong poses to make it work. that is what i don't have and i never get it right. i did my own video reference for every homework that we were given but still i couldn't sketch it out. i get this from animation mentor's blog it says "When you are doing life drawing you are taught to look for lines of action, strong silhouette, balance and weight.".i always admire those who can planned their animation on paper. those are beautiful. i want to be able to do that. i feel really hopeless now. my hand wants to grab a pencil and start sketch it out but my mind is blank. >.< poor hand.. forgive me...

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