Tuesday, August 24, 2010

.ragged doll lovely.

raggedy ann and andy

my strawberry shortcake

i went to ann siang again.. ahh~ but i forget the name of that lovely picture books store. they have lotsa lotsa picture books and pop out books. ah~ how lovely they are. and i found
raggedy ann and andy. i've been wanting this doll. i saw it somewhere but i couldn't remember where. i guess it was in television or internet. and i keep on wondering what is their name... i want one. i just love ragged toys. i love them. it reminds me of my last year birthday gift that i received from my 3dsense classmates. its a classic second hand strawberry shortcake and i love it. oh ya, back to the ragged ann and andy. ahh! i saw the story books. i want it. i want to own one of the story book. i am curious. i want to read it. but too bad. children story books are always expensive and i've spent lots of money this month. i have to hold the temptation. may be i'll go back to that store again and get a copy =)gday all!

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