Tuesday, August 24, 2010

.it's from santa house.

i hope he doesn't mind that i posted this! i am too happy now =D
my fave!
my fave!
oh papa santa
some knowledge
see!! it's from santa house!

i was peeping inside my letter box today, and guess what i found! a loveliest sweetest envelope from santa house, north pole. it is one of my dream to receive a letter from north pole. i should thank my friend or i should said my "koko ecek2" well, that's what i call him. hahahaha koko means big brother and ecek ecek means fake. =p so, yeah he is my koko ecek2 who just came back from alaska just to captured all beautiful pictures from there. you should check out his work from
his website. and he was being so nice to sent me pics when he was there. aahhh~ how i envy him. thanks alot my koko ecek2 =D i love those postcards. now, they are hanging on my wall =D

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