Monday, August 23, 2010

.fun and tiring weekend.

yuhuu~~ how are you everyone! i have fun and tiring weekend. started from saturday evening we have small bbq at our house balcony followed by yummy home made thai dessert by my sister's bf. the exciting part is monopoly game! because for the first time i won the game =D well, for the first time ever i won a game! :) we ended up sleeping at 7plus whoa i was so tired. i just managed to have few hours sleep before another appointment with my friends. and i skipped my morning service. i'm sorry Daddy. we walked around china town. it was fun! oh, yeah fun! we found lots of interesting stuff and toys and flea market. whoa!! i love the free market coz i found a spectra 2 polaroid. wooo so beautiful and vintage. i got it for only 20 bucks. i'm so happy to bring back that baby home. i can't wait to have my new cam. my parents are coming soon. =)

allex and jing zhong. we were in the same class at 3d sense. look at the black tshirt with nice illustration. that is jon's artwork. one of our lecturer from 3dsense. i love his artworks. you guys do check out his works on his blog. =D
songfa bakkut teh. i think this is the only bakkut teh that i can finished the soup. it's yummy!! usually singapore's bakkuteh is papery. that's why i prefer malaysia's.

allex and jz were so tired we were looking for nice airconditioner place to eat. yesterday was so hot!

i didn't notice that i actually block my own face. am sorry i'm not a self taking picture expert.
i'm a dummy in taking my own picture ahhaha this looks funny

isn't this beautiful?

wish you guys have a great day! hope you enjoy my pictures and little sketch :)

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