Monday, August 2, 2010

.cam cam cam.

remember i wrote it here before, how i love leica m8 white color sigh i still love it. then, my friend who is a brilliant photographer, help me out. and he said since i am so poor i should have just buy panasonic lx3 instead. it's affordable and the lens is from leica. he googled it for me and aha! that is not bad. i love the design. it looks tough. now i just figured out that they just launched the latest model exactly the same as panasonic lx3 it's lx5. argh, let's see. well, frankly speaking i don't really understand the spec but i do trust his choice. he is the photographer he should know more than me. (well, obviously) and hehe my dad promise me that he'll buy me one. wohoooo!!! so excited! but he told me there's no stock available in indonesia.... so i should just buy it here and he'll pay me back =p hahahaha. yay! yay! i am going to look for the cam! humm. btw do check out his website here

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