Friday, August 20, 2010


rainy day! it's rainy day! and i feel cold here. but my red riding hood stamps made me smile a little. i just got my new red riding hood stamp set yesterday from wood would. i just love that little store. i just realized, my pencil case that i've been using now and then is also red riding hood print. ahh~ sweet. and someone said he'll get me the alphabet's stamps! i was so thrill. just now.. i wrote that i shouldn't listen to that person.. think of it again. i am so bad =( i didn't mean that. i mean because he is so forgetful. he'll forget about it. because i know along this time, aside from "those" matters he try hard never to let me down. :) he is now not feeling well. get well soon matey! =) so that we can play again!

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