Friday, August 20, 2010

.blue devil go away.

as I said.... today is blue... blue devil visiting me today. I don't really enjoy the company. Sigh! But, what are they that can kill that blue devil! Food and ice cream! So, after work I go to Clarke quay I went to a nice ramen place called marutama. I love Nama karashi to tamago ramen. Uh! Just so nyummy! After that, here I am! Haato&co! For their nice outdoor sitting place and a green tea red bean ice-cream in cone! Isn't that nice? But nothing compares it when u are here with your friends. :( I am all alone, the nice ice cream was dripping while I was eating. It melted so fast :( I ate like a kid. But I dontwant to go home first before I feel all happy again. I dont like to invite that blue devil inside my house :p well well wish u guys have great night :)

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