Tuesday, July 13, 2010

.hey, minions.

gru, edith, agnes, margo
gru and his yellow minions
gru, agnes with 3 little kittens story... aw, so cute!
cute cute cute! i want!!

i would like to have one for my self a cute, innocent, stupid, silly little yellow minion. they are such a cutie. i feel like hug and pinch and punch them. i love them. i watched despicable me last friday! so happi. good movie good company =). i miss them... i feel like watching it again. i miss little minions those little brat now stole my heart.


Anonymous said...
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Madelaine said...

I loved this film, the 'Ten Little Kittens' scene had my in hysterics!A really fabulous film for all the family, a must-see!