Thursday, July 15, 2010

.time time time.

i came across to a blog. yeah, i spent my whole morning browsing around! gosh! nothing to do i feel like i became lazy each day. not my fault tho! nobody giving me any work to do. so, yeah i came to this blog and found this mr.jones watches. well, i think i saw it past few years back then hehe. now i seen it again and i want to share it. i love the clean and simple design of the watch. but the main part is those watches are fun and unique in their own way. here you can check it. mr.jones watches i love watches. my mom used to buy me a watch if we went overseas. i used to love swatch. i love the fun designs that they have.

this one "everyday special" stole my heart. but if u r not lucky enough, you won't get your date and month. like mine hmm...

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