Thursday, July 15, 2010

.see you again mom and dad!.

these days are happi days. my mom and dad here, sleeping in the master room and it feels like i went back to my school time day when i was still in indonesia. every morning, get dress to school and never skip a routine to just disturbing my dad who was still sleeping. ahhaha and force him to wake up just to give me a kiss on forehead. i was a little brat who always bug my dad. i like to pinch him, punch him, play with him, pull his ear and even trying to plug his leg's hair hahaha don't even try it with my mom she will bite =p but sometimes i just don't care. whoaaa how much i miss those days, those morning. i did it again these 2 days, bug my dad until he woke up and he gave me a kiss on forehead. they are going back tonight. hmmm night flight i insisted to send them to the airport and they lecture me for that, coz i have to take half day of from the office. they said i am not a little girl anymore, i have to be discipline. sigh, but i don't care just this time. coz i miss them.

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