Saturday, July 3, 2010

.polly pocket.

this really brings back memory... i was just sharing my childhood story and how i love polly pocket back then when i was a little girl. how i was so happy playing my polly pocket with my friends and how i was so happy my mom and dad bought me few of them.

i was looking for beautiful pictures from we heart it for some inspiration and guess what i found?? yeah! bunch of polly pocket pictures. i wish i still have mine now =( they are so lovely. i suddenly feel like i wanted it so much.

can anyone please tell me where i can get this? thanks


Fashion wild said...

moooohh i played with polly pokcet when i was younnnng!!

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there, thanks for following me.Polly pockets are an excellent idea a whole world in your pocket. What could be magical! My son is 13 and is talented at drawing cartoon animation, I secretly hope he will go into animation, (we live in the UK)
and making films. He likes 2d though, could you give him any advice if he wants to get into the industry and I know it is very competitive! Also have you heard of the Wallace and Grommit films? Nick Parks the guy who made 3 d models and directed the films is local to where I live. They are really fun if you ever get a chance to watch them. Sharon (UK) xx

.me. said...

bahey, fashion wild and sharon =) yeah! i agree with you i played with polly pockets as well they are magical!

hmmm... i actually just finished my 3d character animation study not long ago and still haven't get any job in this field yet due to some probs here >.<. but what i can tell your son is heeeyeah! no matter 2d or 3d animation, it doesn't matter as long as you love them and you happily enjoy doing it. just go for it! it's hard and competitive i know ,but just follow your hard and try your best =D think of it again.... isn't it great that you can bring something that "dead" to live? =D and hey, you can make people feel happy thru your animation. at least that's what i think =p and that's what makes me survived those 1 year in animation school. 1 hectic and stressful year. i know wallace and gromit =D
you should watch shaun the sheep as well that is also funny.
*blush you can check out my work here and this is me and my friends short film

hope you enjoy it.
*psstt i'm sorry my english is not good >.<

.me. said...

hey, there sharon. i've just set up my happisis portfolio. you can check it out here i hope it helps. i still working on it thou. =D

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

ebay? im sure you can find them! i sued to love them too