Friday, July 9, 2010

.miss u pa.

i suddenly miss my dad.. well, not suddenly but i always miss my cute daddy. i still remember hahaha silly me.. the first day of sculpting class, a lecturer asked to introduce ourselves. our name, our background, our hero, bla bla bla... and guess what haha without another second tots i declared that my hero is my daddy! =D i smile while i am writing this. think of how childish and silly i am. but i am proud of that. he is not a perfect daddy. but he is the best daddy for me. at least he always try his best =D he is not feeling well recently... because of the works and exercise! haaa.. yeah, my dad is a freak he loves sport so much. i've ever watched him playing squash with his friend and i was whoaaa!! daddy is so awesome. how can he keep that pace? how can he has that unlimited breath and energy? he play so hard to beaten up his friend ahhaha. of course my daddy won!! :( but how awesome that hero is... he needs rest. that broke my heart a little but i am sure everything's gonna be alright coz he is my daddy. how i wish i can be his hero! since i am a grown up now! hahaha =D love you,pa and ma. *they are coming here to visit us next tuesday but will be back to indo again on thursday =( 3 days... but it's okay. at least i got to see him and my mom. =D
i know a guy who is kinda like daddy, who is never give up and always try his best. he is not perfect but he is something. he is a loving guy. but he doesnt have flat tummy like daddy. we'll he is winnie the pooh ahahhaha

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