Sunday, July 11, 2010

.man and boy.

i just finished this book called man and boy by tony parsons. nice book, i should say. glad that my friend lent it to me. i learn well... some stuff about life, family, relationships, and so on. i realized that i've been living in a simple world, am not mature enough to see this world. and expecting too much from one thing and another. i never thought this life is much more complicated than i thought before. relationship is not as easy as the high school romance. "feeling of love" will never stay forever and ever like what they have in cinderella 1,2,3. i finally understand well, a lil bit. i will try to not expecting anything anymore. just live this life. i'm not going to be emo anymore. i am trying to understand all of this life matters not by emotional. coz emo ruins everything. =p i learn one thing as well "love means knowing to let go" :)

well, this book is not all about romance, but also second chance, trust and not giving up. i love this book =)

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