Friday, July 23, 2010

i watched home alone 1 and 2 yesterday, brings back memory. feel like i was a little girl again. i always love the scene where kevin went to duncan's toy store. humm i wish that is real! big huge toy store. it is like heaven for kids. i suddenly have a thought. i want to own a big huge toy store that sparkling like that. all kids will come and play. mmm wait.. how about children book store? heheh just like shop around the corner from "you've got mail". where there is a play and story telling girl. yay! i want to be the one who tells the story. hmm or may be magical toy store from
"mr.magorium's wonder emporium". that will be so cool! can you imagine all the toys will alive. you don't need to wait until uncle drosselmeyer to come and you don't need to wait till midnight just like nutracker prince story... this is confusing. hmm or how about choco factory like willy wonka? aaaa... i gotta stop my wild imagination!but whatever it is this is always been my little dream... at least i can do something for the kids. that is the most amazing thing to do. *slap stop day dreaming

just like Walter Elias Disney

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