Wednesday, July 7, 2010


i was google-ing about stefan sagmeister. for you who are in a design industry you might feel familiar with his name. he is brilliant. he always pour his heart into his art pieces. the eyecathing designs, the details. the one who claimed himself as a designer not an artist. he has just returned from a long second sabbatical in Bali, Indonesia. He has been working about documentary about happiness. curious curious.... humm... you should check on his designs if you have no idea who is this guy. well, i am in the mood of i don't know ahhaha my mind is all BLANK. i downloaded a podcast which stefan was being interviewed by design matters. along his interview, he mentioned about this daniel gilbert guy who wrote a book "stumbling on happiness". i am curious and i think i might grab this book or purchase the audiobook.

i've graduated with a bachelor degree in visual communication. all those years, i only learnt and deal with concept, idea, execution, how to this and that. bla bla bla.... but actually, i didn't really know what is design all about. my idea of design is just to make people happy. same as my life, i always being so naive (at least my friends told me that) and my perspective of life is simple! just be happy, think of happy tots and you can fly! i always protect myself from the 'real' world. avoiding all the matters of life. not being mature enough, always have this fairy tale thoughts, happily ever after life, romance, and bla and bla and bla... never face the reality, always being unreasonably emo. trying to act smart and predicted what would happen in the future. hah!

recently, i've been thinking to change the way i think. re-branding myself. try to read the useful aticles, stop dreaming of something that ridiculous, stop acting like a smart arse that know what should or might be happening next, what's good for me, what bring me happiness. think too much! be mature! love myself more! blee

i don't know why i blogged about this. hahaha. i'm not being happy or sad or emo here. i feel nothing. but i feel lucky. lucky enough to have this awesome life of mine. just keep moving forward and i just want to be like a little infant let this life bring me to where ever it is.

i suddenly feel i want to be a real designer and produce awesome stuff. ahahhaa. like stefan bahhh~

no matter who you are, if you believe in yourself, you can achieve all you goals and make your dreams come true

by Dana Kanso on September 17th, 2008

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