Thursday, July 29, 2010

.happibirthday happisis.

nyaha! i am 1 year older than yesterday. hmmm~ lots of stuff happening on the last page of my 22 chapter of life. got to be better this year and happier oh, how i wish =) and i know it is going to be better.

i'd like to thanked my buddies for the little but big bday celebration! oh, how i love them =)
hummm eventho i am lonely at home but i didn't feel lonely at all. all because of them and their wishes.
thanks my mom and dad to have me in this beautiful world
ah~ disney songs on my lonely night at home and i love it.

biddibbi bobbiddi boo


Shenya de Silva said...

Hey Sisca!
Many happy returns of the day!!!!

.me. said...

thank you shenya =D