Friday, June 25, 2010

they are engaged!

humm i'd like to share a little story. on 22nd of june, my lovely sist and bro are engaged! finally =) they are such a lovely, sweet and fun couple. i treat them as my own sist and bro. they always help me if i have probs (hmmm i always have! that's why they love me, eh?) *blush. anyway, i feel soooo happi and now i'm waiting for the biggest celebration where a lovely couple make a vow and live happily ever after. their wedding!!! hmmmm~ so excited!
oh yeah, forget to share tehehehe. the guy proposed the girl at paris! hmmm >.< *envy can you smell my enviousness? sigh~ and at the beautiful twinkling Eiffel tower. aaah~ congrats to both of you =) ahhaha still remember the guy all confuse about how he's going to hide the ring. and how he went to diamond shops to pick a diamond ring for his lovely one. when i heard he's going to propose her. i am surprise and happi! aaah~ and i didn't ever think that he is quite romantic. well, if u knew him you'll know what i mean bahahaha. and i love them both =D

pssstt... here is their pic... hope they won't whack me coz i posted it on here =p

ahhh~ talking about their engagement and diamond ring. hahaha can i also have a little impossible dream? hummm i never really take a real look at diamond. never think of them at all. not after the guy asked me to accompany him to view some diamonds for his love one. a minute no a second after i saw it. my eyes get "whoa! what is that tiny little stone that makes my eyes go sparkling" hahaha reminds me of dopey from snow white =p humm and i went thru internet and found some pics. huuuu i want the emerald cut diamonds! whoever u are i will marry you for this emerald cut diamond =p they are so beautiful

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