Friday, June 25, 2010

let it go or let it be

when we have something with us for quite sometimes, it's hard to let it go. just like linus and his blanket. he wont ever ever let it go. but think of it again.... why he need that so uh very much. the blanket has no feeling but it's his and he gets it since he was a little well much more little. even its just a stuff with no feeling, but it can give him warmth and comfort. uh, i think that's why linus won't let it go. who doesnt want something that can comfort us?

as what i am going through right now... i feel comfortable with someone who is there for me to make me laugh, cry, be violent, jump, read, draw, ... but it became quite scary... sometimes. i feel attached to this person just as linus and the blanket. a person who gave me comfort but not security? coz i have to share it with someone else. sometimes, it makes me think that how lucky linus is. he has his own blanket for his own self and noone get to share with him. i am selfish sometimes =) i even don't like it when sometimes i have to share my umbrella with someone else =p i'd rather get wet and let the person has my umbrella. hmm... i know we can't force security... even the security alarm can be broken.

well well, let us allow the time to decide what's gonna happen next. coz nickelback says "live like you're never living twice. cherio~

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