Friday, June 11, 2010

happi birthday nata!

yesterday was one of my girls birthday. humph, due to the work and me ignoring dates on calendar, i forgot to wish her Happy Birthday. bad..... >.<>

i wish her all the best of the very best! hmm let me try to share a little bit of who is she. she is a sweet petite girl! she is a talented make up artist, you know!! sigh, i always envy her perfect skin! and i still remember the she that always scolded me of not being a "lady" ahhaha. she is funny and love to yell! ckckck and she always complaining if i am the one who drive! she complains that i am too slow. love and miss chit chatting and gossiping with you!! *kiss >

isn't she sweet =D
be funny as always!
wish all your dreams come true and your day fill with joy and colors

zip a dee doo dah =D

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Natalie said...

that last picture is soo gorgeous! i love it :)