Monday, June 7, 2010


i steal this lovely pic from little reminders of love thanks for sharing! =)

can i make a confession here? i didn't expect for an ans tho =) i just wanted to share. i was so messed up these few weeks. i feel like my head is full with lots of words and sentences with different kind of fonts and type faces with bold italic and underline on them. i feel like i can possibly wrote a novel about that hehehe. start from my career, love life, friends, family. but i thank Daddy J to giving me such lessons =). wokie, the confession that i wanted make is my love life. i am officially get rejected by this awesome guy ehehhe my good friend who is a good listener and good advisor =) i didnt regret that i fall for him for such a long time. i am happy eventho i got rejected coz this supposed to be done long ago =p and again, i feel so relieve one of my trouble get away. coz now we are good and he still be my good listener =) thanks! hmm in the other hand, i am also get rejected by a guy who recently get close to me but in the end stay "far" from me. hmmm strange but this is life. i was hurt by this last few weeks, coz i thought, i could have something new and i can finally move on =p i wish for something big, for the first time, i let someone to enter my life again but... noo ehhehehe but now i think i can handle it better each day. we awesome friend now and wish him happiness and i sincerely wish that he can settle his prob in a good condition. he is a good and awesome guy but i guess we just couldnt make it. but that's okay! life is still long, man! =D i have to cherish every moment! i try not to be depress and not to think too much again =D oh, my! i really feel like myself again. and i am so happi by that. i learn so much about this.

my fave quote of the day is "The more you love yourself, the better you perform" thanks Z for the quote ;) u made my day! hehehehe

zip a dee doo dah =D

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