Monday, June 7, 2010

another graduation ceremony and i am "officially" an animator!

dve 12! we made it!!
we are animators!!!! =D
me and my animation mentor! thanks for taught and be patient =D i learnt alot from him. left or right??
big buck bunny! who always try to avoid me hahahahah
the visual effect guy and the awesome rigger! who always make me so confuse @.@
the master "g"brush =D
me and chiu chiu tcher who taught me the basic of animation!
me and mike!
val me and mega!
val my mentor and my friend
xiao hui i will miss her and waiting for her baby =p
me and alvin mon! =p

Saturday, 5th of june! i am finally graduated, with Diploma in 3d character animation. Well, eventho now i am not working as either animator or graphic designer... i am happy and thanked my mom and dad to gave me opportunity to finished both my diploma in 3d character animation and degree in visual communication. they work so hard every second, minute, and hour for me. i promise i'll make them proud of me oneday =) thanks mom and dad! i love you guys so much! =) i'll work hard as well.

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