Thursday, May 27, 2010


why when a girl feel sad and broken, she looks like a kitten that lost and couldn't find her way home. I thought I am strong. I want to be like Mulan who is so strong. Strong like a guy. But even Mulan isn't strong enough. Huff. This year, lots of things are happening. Well, not even a year. Sigh, may be this is something that Daddy J wants me to go through. The ups and the downs. In the time like this, I wish that I never grow up and stay in Neverland with lost boys and enjoy every single days with mud and wild animals and of course with joyful songs! But i also wish i am Tinkerbell. Because she is so tiny, she couldn't keep a lot of emotion in one time. I wish i could just forget that i am so sad right now and replace it with happy tots. Humm i think i just feel lost and i wish someone will hold my hand and bring me home soon.


Kristin Hjellegjerde said...

I wish I could send Happiland som Happiness!
Go outside and scream loud, that releases blockage and then find something that could hopefully make you laugh.

Have a great day girl:)

Happisis said...

thanks kristin :D *hugs

Anonymous said...

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