Saturday, May 29, 2010

colorful strips signature

I always have a thing for this colorful strips signature. Thanks to this multi talented English fashion designer. They caught my eyes when i first saw it. Simple, smart, creative, happi! At least that's what i think =) I like to enter his store but well of course i couldn't afford to bring back his designs home. The thing that i could afford to buy is his flora fragrance, after i save up my student allowance for few months ahhaha. I love the bottle design, simple and lovely so as the smell.

I found list of some thoughts by sir paul smith from vogue's site. I love his thoughts. Okay, so those tots will inspire me from today on.

by Paul Smith

Start something new
Take pleasure seriously
Work is not about shorter hours or longer hours, it's about every hour
Look at the world through the eyes of someone you respect, admire and love
You can't do it without doing it
Make room to break the rules
Stop making sense... Logic is predictable... Think differently

zip a dee doo dah =D


Kristin Hjellegjerde said...

My man wears only Paul Smith... nearly!
Love their exciting pattern and style.
He even had to have our Beach towels be Paul Smith...
Have a fab weekend:)

Happisis said...

wough *envy ;p
yeah, they have exciting and fun pattern and style. i'm just lovin it.

have a funtastic day as well =D