Thursday, April 29, 2010

re-fuel! global warming awareness campaign =)

hey! here is my major project while i was study in Raffles Design Inst. Hmm it's about Sustainability.... At the first time, i was really struggling to death ahhaha but it ended up i enjoyed doing this project.

here is my concept

My concept is refuel. Refuel comes from “fuel - refill - fuel”. When people are run out of fuel (for example, a car), water from the bottle, food from the fridge, or anything else, for sure people have to refill them again. Same as the problem that we have been facing nowadays. As we know this world is facing a big problem which is THE SHORTAGE OF FOSSIL FUEL. This problem effected humans’ life because we are being to dependent on FOSSIL FUEL because it fulfills our daily needs started from electricity to transportation.Due to this matter, all the prices are increasing and it gives people problems that‘s why there is a war out there, the criminals happen,etc. Because people are fighting to stay alive in this world. Besides, fossil fuel is one of the reason behind GLOBAL WARMING.

My project scope is to encourage people to reduce or remove their habits of blindly using fossil fuel and changing to alternative fuel. To help them in improving their own economy status and also their nation. On top of that, it helps this world lessen it’s global warming issues and to sustain the fossil fuel extinction.

Another project scope of this campaign is to attract all this earth-destructive fossil fuel companies. To lessen / to reduce their activities that lead us to a worse earth’s condition.

So in this campaign, I am showing that we have to refill our fossil fuel, but not with another fossil fuel instead with alternative fuel. So “Re-” here refers to “refill”. Not only for TRANSPORTATION but also ELECTRICITY.

For this campaign, i am using five fuel brands such as Shell, Caltex, Esso, Mobil, SPC to represent FOSSIL FUEL in the general way. So, at the first time people saw this campaign, they will understand and get the point that this whole things talk about FOSSIL FUEL.

Peeling concept is to adjust the main aim and objective of this campaign, which is “remove the old habits of using too much fossil fuel”. When people peel something, it is commonly because they want to renew or change it. The same ideology I use. With “peeling” the fuels logos, I want people to get the meaning: “removing the old bad habits, and change it with the more earth-friendly alternative fuel.”

wough such a long post,eh? ehhehe

here are the campaigns

here is the text at the bottom of the campaign
"Think of the problems that we face each day. When fossil fuels are burned, they release CO2 into the atmosphere which gives bad impact to our environtment.
Acid Rain. Global Warming. Air Pollution. Fossil Fuel addiction. Your montlhy bills. Besides, we will eventually run out of fossil fuels.
That is why it is important for us to start developing better ways with using renewable sources of energy.
Think how many of this problems could be solved by transitioning to clean BIO-ENERGY.
The clock is ticking. Re-fuel it."

zip a dee doo dah =D


Shenya de Silva said...

Hey thats a great concept!
How about "PEEL OFF!!" in block capitals at the bottom ? :)
Anyway that would sound like you are against those companies
I like the way you've done the half peeled off effect on the logo stickers

Happisis said...

thanks, shenya =)
yeah will be bold and straight forward ahhaha nice idea =)
hmm i finished this project few years ago.. hahaha

thanks anyway =D