Sunday, March 7, 2010


i've been thinking.... if i should really take a break from this whole fairy tale dream of mine and just wake up. it is rather surreal coz i've been dreaming and trying hard to reach that dream (well, maybe not hard enough) on my own these few years 'til today. i feel like i'm in the "amélie" movie... i am amélie and i'm living in my own world and tots. if what i think is true and there's no ending for this dream, then i wish someone could actually pull me out from this silly dream of mine, even if it's hard to do.

if it's not mine it will never be mine, no matter what i do, no matter how long i wait. =)

zip a dee doo dah!


Shu Yin said...

girl... haha i know it would be nice for that dream to come true. but if u live everyday in that dream u neglect the present and what's beautiful in front of u. so, don't worry.. just be happy, work hard and if it happens one day it happens! and that's the big bonus for u! :D

Happisis said...

thanks, shu chan =)
hahaha don't worry be happi!

Anonymous said...

my child..... i can see what your dream is all about.... and i can see that many people have already "literally" tried to pull you out from the same hole.... but guess who never listened? no.... it's not you who don't listen, but it's your love for that -ah so called- dream :)

Having heard a man saying that a life without a dream is like a food without spice, I will 10000% suggest you to keep on having faith...

Hang on there, He will lead you to no other place but rainbow.

guess who am i?

Happisis said...

hmmmm anonymous>> are you steph? or heny? heheeh =) i know i've been so stubborn and never listen and don't want to be pull out from that same hole. i think i just need "someone" to pull me out haha and i'm waiting for that someone to do that. well it will be hurt, and it will be not hurt at all for i am growing bigger and bigger inside that same hole. hahhaha it reminds me of winnie the pooh he was stuck in the rabbit whole because of his fave hunny! =D

sometimes i feel that i am being so unreasonable >.<. haiz

Cyrus said...

I guess each of us are like amelie sometimes. It's just how we look at life, and no one should force you to look at it another way, it'll always be your choice in the end :D

Dreams are our goals, and let that lead you on *although i don't recommend pursuing an impossible dream* XP

Happisis said...

hahahha yeah i've been thinking... i might want this silly little dream of mine die alone hahaha. i think it's the time =D. i've tried hard and tired.

It's time for me to jump to the next big dream! hahahaha work as animator and graphic designer! nyaaaaa =p

Shu Yin said...

anonymous is someone whose name starts with A and has 5 letters?

Happisis said...

shu chan >> who? alvin? hahaha nooo... coz alvin don't know the story behind my dream =p my silly little dream. hmmmm

anonymous >> who are you ??? >.<
keep having faith hmmmm but there's nothing there for me to hold on to. i'm lost and i think noone care hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

When you have nothing to hold on to, why don't you try to trust your inner heart?

Many times, I also felt lost and nothing was there to keep my feet standing firmly on the ground, all I did was to be grateful and repeating all His little big gifts to me in my head many times.

You might have lost your dream, create another one! huger! in any case, we all don't have anything to lose, do we?

Happisis said...

yeah =) i've always listen to my inner heart these years, but still... nothing happen... all i get is nothing.

well, maybe for some people... they might think that my this kind of "dream" is kinda silly hehehe but for me... this dream will make me feel happier as i've found the lost piece of puzzle or receiving a present in christmas day.

but still... i can't waste my another year for nothing, can i?

hmmm or should i find the answer? i think this is the best. even it's hard to do >.< i'll gain all my courage! to find the answer! muahahhaha =p

Happisis said...

it's been a long.... time! hey, anonymous hmmm if u even read this >.< i told you what! hmmm i guess i finally can let go my so called dream =) isn't that amazing =) hmm well, i felt hurt a little still hurt hehehe coz i am a human. but there's nothing i can do. i don't want to waste my precious time anymore and i have to move on! =) i've been fighting for it and it's enough. i've been thinking about this lately and until i watched "love in the time of cholera" and i don't know why i felt that movie is rather miserable =( i don't want to be like that guy who is waiting for his love for 51 years. wough that is insane! eventho they ended up together but i don't want that to be happened to me. hehehe. yosh! new journey. i need to fight for my dreams instead! =D