Thursday, February 11, 2010

such a happi day!

yay! tday is a very tiring day yet fun and happy!!!!! cc heny =) gave me a very sweet and cool stuff!!!! thanks!!!! muacks :* isn't that cool?! a rob ryan fisheye edition!!!! i still remember i saved the picture of this limited edition fisheye to my desktop from one of the website and now.... BOOM that cool stuff landed right in front of my eyes! hahahahaha cool ha! =D not only that.... tday me and cc heny spent a whole day together >.< it's been ages we never hang out together because of her job. hey, tell you what she is a cute and pretty SIA stewardess and not forget about sandy kk ahha they both are such a cute couple! =p *make me jealous! cih! i've been waiting for their classy invitation tho *ehemmm hahahahaha.

kyaa!!! i can't wait to finished that one roll film and develop it!

jealous? =p

* dido- it comes and it goes, that it comes and it goes and i can't make it hold and there's nothing i own and it breaks me when it goes

zip a dee doo dah =D

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