Friday, February 12, 2010

the promise that stays forever

isn't this lovely? i got this lovely picture from someone's blog, if i'm not wrong =p. when i first saw it, i loved it!! such a beautiful picture. i wish when "the one" finds me, we will stay together forever until our hair turns grey =)

zip a dee doo dah =D

*lenka - don't let me fall


HENY said...

yeahh...u surely will find that somebody soon!!!

Happisis said...

muahahahah yeah yeah

Anonymous said...

well.... it's rather rare to find now, remembering we came from such a modern world!

strangely, and maybe secretly, it has been my description of "unconditional love" ever since I saw a similar picture years back.

ah, no man is infallible, but surely we can try, do we not?

Happisis said...

hahaha sure we can try =D we never know what we'll get!