Sunday, February 28, 2010

Haruka to Maho no Kagami

polygon pictures came to our school for these few days =) they are going to recruit CG artist for their next project (which i can't tell what is that hmmm that's what one of my senior said). i try my little luck with sent out my demoreel to that studio... i'm not sure i can make it but i'm happy at least i've tried my best =) it would be great if i can have that opportunity of course ahhaha it's like dreams come true! japan, beibehhH!!!!! =p and i always love everything from japan!!! eventho i always heard from people saying that japan is a very tough country for working but who cares =p i love challenges!

i've heard about oblivion island from my friend before and i love it! the models, animation, colours hooo awesome i love them! but after a lil bit of sneak peak from Polygon Pictures yesterday, i was like!!! i want to watch itttt!!!!! >.< but too bad they don't have it in singapore >.< but don't worry ahhaha i've asked my friend to help me buy one =p since he is in japan right now and he will be back for holiday soon =D. hahahaha and he just replied me and says he got my dvd with him alr =D i'm so happy!!! i can't wait to watch it!! thanks to steven of course =D

zip a dee doo dah =D

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