Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the trick to life is laughing

a friend of mine shared this quote with me... "I think the trick to life is laughing and trying not to take be to serious and taking things as they come, if you stress too much it really does drag you down." I began to think... think like how winnie the pooh thinks =p think, think and think.

What he was saying is true... well sometimes... But as i think again, if we keep laughing and trying not to take whatever it is seriously as it comes, wouldn't it be like we are avoiding whatever that came to us? Like what i've done over and over again? Things keep repeating without solutions and without answers. Well maybe this is just my opinion coz right now i'm having a little problem that i should have solved long ago. But i kept avoiding and ignoring the reality, and just like what the quote says "laughing and trying not to take things seriously" because i always tell myself that one day i will get the answer, the answer that i wanted to hear. But when? i think i've already gotten the answer but i just pretend that that wasn't the real answer. Hmmm it's so complicated!

But yeah that's true.... if i stress too much it really does drag me down. Hahahah in the end what that quote says is correct! be happisis! =D and think of the solution later~ live the life as there is no tomorrow =p


habakuk said...

Live in the present. If there is trouble,take it as it comes, moment by moment. If u worry about tomorrow and regret the past, you waste your energy and focus.

That is why Jesus told us to pray for the Daily Bread and not for stocks of bread.

Meaning: He promises strength that comes day by day.

If you have wonderful people around you, you are a very lucky person. Great to see that you appreciate it.

You are a talented person as can be seen from your blog.

I will tell you a very good trick to overcome what we used to call 'the Bluedevils". Whistle/sing or hum a happy tune.

We can sing even when we cannot laugh

Disney has music to suit every mood. I love those.

Have a wonderful time.

Happisis said...

thanks for your comment =D

yeap! i agree with what you said.... hmm i never regret my past =) well not really hahaha. i treat my past as something that i can learn for my future =) and yeah i am a very confusing person... i like to worry about this and that =p.

I also agree with "Disney has music to suit every mood" =D Let's overcome "the bluedevils" =)

have a great day too

Anonymous said...

or we may say, "LIVE THE LIFE AS WE ARE DYING!!!"

viva for life!