Saturday, January 9, 2010

perfectly perfect

i am listening to cinderella song =) perfectly perfect. I wonder... when can i sing my perfectly perfect song >.<. Hahahaha again i'm day dreaming but i don't care i love to do that =) Hihihi remember what cinderella said, she found true love coz she kept the beautiful dream in her heart. Well yeah she have her mouse friends who can sew and fairy godmother who can do magic with Biddibbi Bobbiddi Boo. Hmmm i wish i have one hahaha but of course not her mouse friends, but fairy godmother. =p

too bad i'm not living inside a story book. sigh~ i need to say hello to the real world. ahahhaha >.<" the real and confusing world. it's okay i'll definitely find my own book and story to write. eventho it's not now but i believe that day will come. Hmm coz seems like i don't have the key to nutcracker prince's door =)

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