Thursday, January 28, 2010


recently i learned something about imperfection. i wish i can fill in the imperfection of someone that i care. coz because of that imperfection, everything become so real. because of that imperfection everything become so beautiful. =) peoples are imperfect, that's why they need someone to fill in the imperfection then everything will seems so perfect. well, of course you will find flaws on it but who cares when you find your own perfectly perfect life. people always make fun of me with saying that all i care is love, i love to day dreaming about something that impossible to happen. well, sometimes i questioned myself. am i did a wrong thing? well i know there are lots of things more necessary than this bed time stories. but.... will you feel happy without love? =D

*nobody is perfect in this world.

zip a dee doo dah =D


alvin said...

im not perfect... im missing some parts of me, it has been 10yrs from the time i lost them.. Wonder who happens to pick them up?

Happisis said...

that's goes to me as well. i'm not perfect either ahahhaha who is perfect in this world! tell me >.< Whatever it is that make you sad you have to stand up and be strong and be happy okay! Someday that someone will pick them up and take good care of it =D don't worry! *wink wink

alvin said...

oh my.. sisca, u are so sweet! thx :D

Happisis said...

HAHAHAHA of course! =p you are welcome =)