Tuesday, January 5, 2010


why are people always afraid to say and do something they want to do? hmm they just keep it inside their heart and keep questioning themselves about this and that. I actually have lots of things i want to do and say which make my mind go round and round. But i just keep it for myself. This is part of being human ahhhaha they have flaws and weaknesses =). Hmm maybe that's because i'm too afraid of reality and the answer that i might get. I'm uncertain about how this dream will end; whether the ending will be a happily ever after or just something else. It's a bittersweet dream but i still love to carry this little dream along with me and hope that "biddibbi bibbiddi boo" will happen to me one day. Okay i'll put this in my new year resolution list =) I wish that this year, a lot of things will get better and happier. And i wish the same for you too (*again whoever reads this junk =p) i have no idea why i wrote this =.= ahhaha

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David said...

I think facebook better than blogging atleast people read what we write. :-)