Saturday, December 19, 2009

we heart disney!

who doesn't love DISNEY? we have to thank Walt Disney for giving us a chance to enjoy our childhood dreams. It doesn't matter whether you are a kid or an adult =). When we talk about Disney, the things that come to mind are dreams come true, fairy godmothers, happily ever after, lots of love, magic and happiness that warms our heart. Well at least that's what i felt =p. That's goes for "The Princess and The Frog" as well. Such an entertaining movie. Just for a couple of hours i could forget all about economics, politics, wars, jobs, high technology and all the other things that people always talk about. Its a feeling that i miss but once again, Disney gave my mind a break and brought me into another magical 2d animation. Just look at Tiana who never gave up to make her dream come true, and Prince Naveene who was a lazy prince but because of what he went thru, learnt to became a better person =). Of course I won't forget about RAYmond who gave them hope. He was a very brave little creature who protected his friends. Who said a little person cannot gave people hope? See? Nothing is impossible in this life =) I love this movie; it's fun and contains lots of laughs. Even tho it's not as magical as my fav cinderella, it still warms my heart.

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