Thursday, December 24, 2009

do they know it's christmas

i was just relaxing and i started to turn on the tv, switched from channel to channel and i stopped at mtv channel when i heard to this song. It just touched my heart. Not being so drama but i felt blessed i have friends here with me, i have my lovely family, i have lots of great things happening to me every now and then. But i still felt sad and helpless, what can i do for those people out there who might be suffering right now, they don't have enough food to eat, they don't have warm house to stay, they don't have what i had right now. What they have is just a simple life. A greatest gift from God the breath to life. Living in a fear that when they would ran out of foods, where are they going to stay tomorrow,... I wish i could share my love with them. There's lots and lots of things outside this window that is very pain to be looked at. That not written in the 100 collections of fairy tales stories. What i can do is just a simple little voice of prayer. I also want to thank God to gave me such a wonderful life =) Merry Christmas everyone. Here i share a song that touched my heart. Love you all!

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