Saturday, December 19, 2009


another post for today =p. trying to improve my english >.< thanks gerald oni chan! hihi I can share my tots with all of u guys =) (yeah if anyone really bothers to read these pieces of junk) hhahahaha. I just came back from another magical and beautiful journey to the world of avatar. Those environment designs, the mystical feeling, the beautiful creatures, the glowing living things, etc. All of them were wonderful! Imagine the time spent making this movie so that we could enjoy these magical things. Thanks to those great people! Honestly speaking, when i saw the movie trailer i didn't really bother to watch it. Coz i wasn't really comfortable with the blue characters. But that was a huge mistake! haiz >.< I really wished that could go into that world =)

When i watched this movie, i also felt like i was in Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke =), another magical animation. I love Princess Mononoke aside from the bloody and gross stuff >.<" I remember the environtment that they had, the sacred tree and the Shishi Gami that tried to heal Ashitaka =D yeah it brings back memories =) i feel like watching it again.

Woops i can't really share lots about it here

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