Thursday, September 10, 2009

Guri Guri Mooster update! =p

Hmm this are Guri Guri chan's face expression and poses =) Hihihi i love Guri chan he is so cute! hope that one day i can model it out and animate it hohohoho =p. Oh ya i forget to tell you hmmm actually he is Guri Guri Monster but yeah you know hmmm Monster world different from human world even they have their own language hahahaha. And he is so stupid and spell his name as Mooster haiz.... but yeah that's it hahha He is the cutest Monster ever!

character design by happisis


Sugiggs said...

Why you created monster character and not a cute one?

Happisis said...

hahaha i have to. it's the lecturer's requirement =p but my guri guri chan is not an ordinary monster! he is a good one =D