Thursday, September 10, 2009

First 3d Modelling with maya and zbrush

Hmmm so these are my first 3d model homeworks; organic model and still.
I modelled these Happibeetle and Organic Model in Maya. And the other Organic Model was in Z-Brush. Hmm not very well done tho but yeah i like it since those are my first 3d models and my first time touching both maya and Z-Bursh software ahahhahaha =D

Lecturer : Gary Wee <<<< spec ="D">


Organic MOdel

Okay and this is my another 3d modelling with Z-brush
haiz... i have hard time using this software but actually it was quite fun! =D
Sculpting something while your hands are not dirty hohohoo =p

Lecturer : Edward Lim <<<<>

Organic MOdel

all 3d models by happisis

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Sugiggs said...

IMHO yg bukan ahli grafis,

still got room for improvements :)