Wednesday, August 12, 2009

tiring day >.<

>.< there ="p.">.<" I don't think i have the energy to do it tonight. I think i'll just fix it tomorrow morning. Oh yeah, i haven't mentioned it before; yeah this is my 7th month joining 3dsense media school. Such a fun place =D. Love the lecturers and students there and aunty too =). Yeap, I'm taking an animation course there and i'm working hard. I'm suddenly reminded of my 22nd birthday which just passed. Such a lovely surprise. Well, hahaha i know they would do something for my birthday but i never ever expected that much. Yeah i just love 3dsense and my lovely classmates =). They even made my little wishes came true ahhaha they gave me a strawberry shortcake balloon and soft toy and i love them berry berry much. Today after school i went to meet juljul at her school. She asked me to be her model for make up. Heheheh yeah she is pursuing her little dream there. Today was her third lesson and that was not bad, she actually did quite well. Well, not perfect tho but i like what she did to my face =p. Way to go juljul =) nya~~~~~~ i'm going to sleep now. I'm berry sleepy now >.<

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